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Uptime calculation with PowerShell - Replacement of uptime.exe


The utility uptime.exe (from CodePlex) does not provide all data present in uptime.exe (from NT 4.0). And uptime.exe (NT 4.0) is crashing and generating events 1000 on many servers. The workaround to make utptime.exe (NT 4.0) working is to clear the event log. This is acceptable in some environments but as soon as you are managing a significant number of servers, it becomes unacceptable for a lot of reasons. The main reason is justifying by itself the existence of logs so I suppose, as a reader of this article, you are aware about.

The outputs of other utilities

The output of uptime.exe (from CodePlex) is:

08:20:14 uptime 08:48:27

The Output of uptime.exe (from NT 4.0) is

C:\>uptime /a
Uptime Report for: \\computer_name

Current OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Multiprocessor Free.
Time Zone: @tzres.dll,-261

System Events as of 12/09/2013 11:00:23:

Date: Time: Event: Comment:
------ ----------- ------------------- ----------------------------------

10/12/2012 16:02:14 Shutdown
10/12/2012 16:05:07 Boot Prior downtime:0d 0h:2m:53s
30/05/2013 23:13:46 Shutdown Prior uptime:171d 6h:8m:39s
30/05/2013 23:17:01 Boot Prior downtime:0d 0h:3m:15s
30/05/2013 23:24:20 Shutdown Prior uptime:0d 0h:7m:19s
30/05/2013 23:27:12 Boot Prior downtime:0d 0h:2m:52s
11/08/2013 00:06:22 Shutdown Prior uptime:72d 0h:39m:10s
11/08/2013 00:10:06 Boot Prior downtime:0d 0h:3m:44s
30/08/2013 16:09:04 Shutdown Prior uptime:19d 15h:58m:58s
30/08/2013 16:12:12 Boot Prior downtime:0d 0h:3m:8s

Current System Uptime: 12 day(s), 18 hour(s), 48 minute(s), 33 second(s)


Since 10/12/2012:

System Availability: 99.9960%
Total Uptime: 275d 17h:42m:17s
Total Downtime: 0d 0h:15m:52s
Total Reboots: 5
Mean Time Between Reboots: 55.15 days
Total Bluescreens: 0
Total Application Failures: 0

The difference is big between these outputs and we have good reasons to do not provide all data included in uptime.exe (NT 4.0).

- The nature of how we can get downtime periods are the cause. The only way to get the downtimes is to use the system event log. So uptime.exe (CodePlex) do not read logs and take the last known start date: the one provided by WMI LastBootUpTime and the uptime.exe (NT 4.0) read the log and try to calculate a downtime period. Uptime.exe (NT 4.0) is crashing when it reads 2 eventID 6005 consecutively without an eventID 6006 between. So you are not able to get the uptime with uptime.exe (NT 4.0)

The unexpected shutdown are ignored in the uptime utilities I saw on Technet. As it was with uptime2.exe (from Techibee).

To explain it in picture:

You can see 2 startup events (EventID 6005) without shutdown event (EventID 6006).

These utilities, maybe to stay compatible with the workstation's versions of Windows, do not deal with the 6008 event.

The main inconvenient is these downtime periods are not summarized. The uptime become not accurate and a simple ping robot is becoming more accurate.
Period of calculation for the uptime


None of these utilities are permitting to manage the period you want your uptime. Wich is generating another problem to deal with: the purge of the system event log. Most of servers have a limited disk space reserved for logs and they are purged mostly based on the size. Once this sized reached, the logs are overwritten and events lost.


This uptime version in plain Powershell provides the same data that uptime.exe (NT4) with a more accurate uptime calculation. The output is compatible with uptime.exe so you can easily replace uptime.exe by this utility. The command line is:

PowerShell.exe -Command "<script_path>OS-Uptime.ps1 <HostName> <Period>"

<script_path> is the path where you placed the script
<HostName> is the name of the local or remote server (default local computer)
<Period> is the period calculation for the uptime (default 90 days)

The script use the positions of the parameters but not the named parameters.

The Output :

Uptime Report for: <HostName>

The system was down from the 16-03-15 10:33:42 to the 16-03-15 10:35:39 Duratio
n: 00:01:57

Since 16/03/15
Current Uptime 10 Days 7 Hours 21 Min

On the considered period of 30 Days, System Availability: 99,9869%

- Total Uptime: 10d 07h:21m:45s
- Total Downtime: 00:01:57
- Total Bluescreens: 0
- Total Reboots: 1
- Mean Time Between Reboots: 10,31 Days

Links to other uptime solution:

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